The trailer for Airplane Mode, starring Larissa Manoela, is out now

Ana, a young digital influencer who is addicted to her mobile phone, played by Larissa, finds herself forced to face a world without internet and glamor in this movie being released on January 23

Watch the trailer HERE


São Paulo, January 09, 2019 - A thousand likes in just one minute. This is the celebrity life of Ana, a digital influencer played by Larissa Manoela in the movie Airplane Mode, which marks her debut on Netflix. The video shows Ana’s routine as the face of a famous clothing brand headed up by the shady Carola (Katiusca Canoro). One important detail is revealed as well: she collects as many traffic fines as she does likes on social media. One day, while driving and using her phone at the same time, she crashes her car and sees her life turn upside down. Or, perhaps, she switches into airplane mode. 

As punishment and to learn how to live without her smartphone, she is sent on a forced vacation to her grandfather’s farm, Germano (Erasmo Carlos) - cut off and with no internet. There, she has to help him in his garage. Goodbye to nail extensions and glamorous looks; hello to grease and car oil. However, in addition to fixing old cars, Ana gets the chance to reconnect with real life and to find out who she really is. After all, life is way more than just popular posts.

Airplane Mode premieres on January 23, 2020, only on Netflix. Based on a Mexican script by Alberto Bremer, the Brazilian adaptation of Airplane Mode is written by Renato Fagundes (Os Penetras 2, Vai que Cola - O Começo) and Alice Name-Bomtempo (Vai que Cola). The movie is directed by César Rodrigues (Vai que Cola - O Filme, Minha Mãe é uma Peça 2) and produced by Luiz Noronha, Cecilia Grosso, and Samanta Moraes, from the production company A Fábrica.

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About A Fábrica

A Fábrica was founded in January 2016 by Luiz Noronha (executive director), Renato Fagundes (creative director) plus executive producers Cecília Grosso and Samanta Moraes. They have created, developed and produced hundreds of hours of movies, advertising pieces, TV shows, and new media content. The company produces both original content and briefed projects, fiction or otherwise, in any genre or format. What the projects have in common is great artistic quality, originality and focus on the audience, building strong ties with partners.

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