Netflix Study Reveals If You Want to Feel Closer to Your Teen, Watch Their Shows

Netflix Survey Reveals That 80% of Parents Have Watched a Show Their Teen Watches Just to Feel Closer to Them and Surprise, Teens Welcome It

LOS ANGELES, Calif., (April 25, 2017) -- Each day, many parents around the world are eager to connect with their teens, and contrary to popular belief teens really do want to open up. With 70% of parents and 66% of teens wishing they had more to talk about with one another, we are left wondering where’s the common ground? Turns out, entertainment is the answer.

Are parents seriously watching their teens favorite shows?
Parents admit (80%) they are already watching shows like Arrow, Pretty Little Liars and Stranger Things to feel closer to their teenager. And three quarters (74%) of teens are on board, saying they’d be interested in talking to parents about the shows they watch, with both sides (89% of parents; 70% of teens) seeing it as a strong way to bond.

Bridging the conversation gap.
While 56% of parents think it’s tough to talk to teens, nearly all parents (93%) around the world feel that watching their TV shows will give them more to talk about and 78% of teens agree. Not only that, but watching your teen’s shows every now and then inspires more than just small talk.

Tackling tough topics.
When it comes to tough conversations (think sex, bullying and stress), parents (79%) and teens (65%) agree that watching the same shows could help start a dialogue. And most teens (71%) even admit that having their parents watch their favorite shows could help them better understand what’s going on in their lives.

So what should parents be watching?
According to teens, content found in shows like Arrow, Breaking Bad, Daredevil, Friends, Grey’s Anatomy and Orange is the New Black might give parents and teens more to talk about and even help parents better relate to them.

Want to see what happens when parents watch their teen’s shows?

If you're thinking of watching 13 Reasons Why with your teen and are looking for additional information, here are some resources to help navigate the conversation: 13 Reasons Why Talking Points (created by and the JED Foundation) and the after-show titled 13 Reasons Why: Beyond The Reasons. If you are immediately concerned about a teen in your life, you can find a list of local market resources on this 13 Reasons Why Global Resource Website.

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*Zeno Research & Insights surveyed n=1,275 Parents of Teens and n=1,275 Teens aged 13-18, across 7 countries (U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Italy). The survey was conducted online March 16 - 24, 2017. Data is weighted to ensure equal representation of age and gender, in each country. The overall Margin of Error for the overall international data-set is +/- 3 percentage points for each audience.

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