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Crypto Boy


In Amsterdam East, a young deliveryman Amir (Shahine El-Hamus), dreams of a better future but gets no further than delivering orders for Burrito, his father Omar's (Sabri Saad El-Hamus) outdated Mexican restaurant. Meanwhile, their neighbourhood is in complete gentrification. Convenience stores are replaced by trendy coffee bars, sushi shops, and fitness studios - and to Amir's frustration, his stubborn father is ignoring all his ideas for modernising Burrito. On the other hand, Omar sees his son as an irresponsible idler who isn't capable of taking over the restaurant.

When a large real estate company buys the block and doubles the rent, father and son are at odds and in danger of losing the restaurant and their home for good. But when Amir ends up at a meetup with a young, charismatic crypto entrepreneur, he sees a way to solve all their problems. Determined to show his father what he is worth, Amir loses himself in the rapidly growing crypto start-up while Omar watches with suspicion as his son drifts further away.

Crypto Boy

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