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Yaksha: Ruthless Operations


“Yaksha,” the ruthless leader of an overseas black ops team, goes on a dangerous mission in a treacherous battleground of spies and agents. As he falls into traps and betrayals, he reluctantly takes a side with a moralistic special inspector dispatched from Seoul.


With the highest spy density in the world, Shenyang is the geopolitical key point in North East Asia. Kang-in, team leader of the BlackTeam dedicated to overseas secret operations in South Korea, is active in Shenyang. He is a veteran who will do anything and everything he can to accomplish his mission, and he is commonly referred to as ‘Yaksha’. One day, the National Intelligence Service (NIS) find out that all of the report findings on local trends in Shenyang (sent by the Black Team) are actually fake. Seriously troubled by this, the 4th Director of the NIS, Ms. Yeom Jeong-won, dispatches Seoul Central Prosecutor's Office Prosecutor Han Ji-hoon as a special inspector.

Yaksha and the Black Team try to exclude/shake-off Ji-hoon (Special Inspector), but he persistently follows the Black Team's operations.

Yaksha: Ruthless Operations