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We Couldn't Become Adults


A long-awaited film adaptation of the best-selling novel that captured the empathy of people from all generations, starring Mirai Moriyama


Beginning as an online series, this story caught attention for its complex emotionality and became published as a romantic novel that anyone could empathize with. We Couldn’t Become Adults, the debut novel of author Moegara, soon became a best-seller. A long-awaited film adaptation of this novel is finally becoming a reality, Mirai Moriyama playing the lead alongside Sairi Ito.

In 1995, when I met her, I felt I had to try hard for the first time in my life. In 1999, the world did not come to an end like Nostradamus predicted, but she suddenly left without saying goodbye, and the only emotional pillar in my life was gone. Unable to become a novelist like I wanted, I continued working low level jobs in the TV industry. All of a sudden, it was 2020. At 46, I had lived my life keeping society at arm’s length. After several bittersweet reunions, I remember back to those days that will never return.

Set between the 1990s post-bubble era in Japan and the current COVID-19 pandemic, this is the story of a protagonist who experiences love and friendship within the culture of the times and a changing society. This is a story that makes both those who lived through the 1990s and those of all generations remember “that day, that place, and person.” This is the feature film debut for director Yoshihiro Mori, who directed the drama Love and Fortune.

We Couldn't Become Adults