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In the electrifying second season of Eva Lasting, Camilo's world is turned upside down when he receives shocking news from Luisa, leaving him unprepared to face impending fatherhood and the risk of losing Eva's love. As Eva returns to Colombia and discovers the situation, she embarks on a daring mission to support Luisa in her pursuit of an abortion. However, everything changes when Luisa has a change of heart, deciding to embrace motherhood against all odds. A new battle ensues for the close-knit group, with Salcedo seeking vengeance against Camilo for impregnating her sister. Arbelaez and Castro find themselves torn between loyalty and personal convictions. Meanwhile, Camilo wages a fierce war to capture Eva's heart while simultaneously fighting to graduate, fulfill his aspirations of becoming a writer, and navigate the unexpected journey of impending fatherhood.

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