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Creator's File: GOLD

Comedian Ryuji Akiyama parodies the world of "creators" in this mockumentary series in which he masquerades as various professionals who do things their own way.
Since 2015, Ryuji Akiyama from the “Robert” comedy trio has been masquerading as "creators" from many walks of life in the show Creator's File. The series has become a hit in Japan, gaining popularity as Akiyama comes up with extraordinary creators, making their speech and gestures uncannily “real,” all while demonstrating a mystical sense of professionalism. With over 70 creators featured to date, the official Creator's File on YouTube is approaching 600,000 subscribers and boasts a total view count of over 130 million views (in Japan). As Akiyama transforms fake into real, wondering where his evolving creative genius will go next.
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Creator's File: GOLD