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Ride or Die

A tale of two women - one who kills for a love, and the other who made her kill. This road movie depicts their aimless escape of these two women and the chaotic journey that will surprisingly bring them closer to each other.
Born and raised in a wealthy family, Rei (Kiko Mizuhara) has lived a life without need. One day, she hears from Nanae (Honami Sato), who she had feelings for in high school, and the two women are reunited for the first time in ten years. However, Rei’s happiness is short-lived as she is shocked to see that Nanae is covered in bruises suffered from domestic violence at the hands of her husband. When Nanae tells her friend that she feels cornered and fears for her life, Rei tells her: “In that case, your husband should disappear.” Hearing this, Nanae mutters: “If so, could you kill him?” After Nanae makes Rei kill her husband for love, the tale of their aimless escape begins…
Ride or Die