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My Daemon


Up-and-coming Thai production company Studio Igloo brings to life the adventures of a boy and a daemon child in an original story by Hirotaka Adachi (aka Otsuichi)

In the near future, a nuclear blast causes Earth to momentarily overlap with hell and pollute the air with sandstorms from hell. Kento, an elementary schooler who lives in downtown Tokyo, finds a red grain of sand in the forest and raises it as a “daemon,” which he names Anna. The two of them live happily together until people begin to hate and try to kill Anna. Kento wants to protect the daemon, but when his watchful mother has an unfortunate accident, Kento and Anna set out on an adventure to save her.

CREATED AND WRITTEN BY: Hirotaka Adachi (Otsuichi)

DIRECTOR: Nat Yoswatananont

Animation Production: Igloo Studio

Key Cast: Miyuri Shimabukuro, Kokoro Kikuchi, Fumiko Orikasa, Ayane Sakura, Show Okumura, Wataru Hatano, Naoya Miyase, Jouji Nakata

My Daemon