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The Naked Director

For this man, even his downfall is out of the ordinary. After climbing to the summit, the intense drama of Muranishi and his companions concludes here.
As the new Japanese Heisei era began in 1989, Muranishi (Takayuki Yamada) stood at the summit of the adult video world, putting out a large number of videos in his themed series. However, none of them reached the legendary status of “I Like It S&M Style,” the masterpiece he produced with Kuroki (Misato Morita). Kuroki yearns to produce another work with Muranishi, but this desire is left unfulfilled as a gap slowly forms between them. During this time, Muranishi is urged to expand into satellite broadcasting. Moving toward his grand dream of “raining porn from the sky,” Muranishi gathers more capital. Seeing this, Kawada (Tetsuji Tamayama) questions Muranishi’s decisions. However, Muranishi ignores the opinions of his close ally Kawada and breaks from him in order to launch a new company, Diamond Visual, where he begins to promote new actresses, including Mariko Nogi (Yuri Tsunematsu). Meanwhile, his former partner Toshi (Shinnosuke Mitsushima), who has become a yakuza under Furuya (Jun Kunimura), holds complicated feelings toward Muranishi.
The Naked Director

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