Club De Cuervos

The rivalry between brothers will continue in September 29 as Chava and Isabel Iglesias will share the presidency of “Cuervos de Nuevo Toledo” in the third season. Despite new initiatives, the Iglesias siblings will receive the shocking news that they will no longer be able to play in the Nuevo Toledo stadium, forcing them to move the team to Puebla. Chava and Isabel will have to do whatever it takes (even if that means working together) to save the team and restore the Cuervos and their family’s glory.

The series is produced by Alazraki Entertainment. Leonardo Zimbron and Gaz Alazraki are the executive producers and Moises Chiver and Monica Vargas are producers of the series. Andrea Gamboa Vizcaino is a line producer for the series and the directors include Gaz Alazraki, Mariana Chenillo, Luis Gerardo Mendez, Salvador Espinosa, Carlos Armella and Roberto Aguilera. Screenwriters include: Gaz Alazraki, Mike Lam, Jay Dyer, James Eagan, Russell Eida, Matt Hausfater and Marcos Bucay.

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