Netflix ISP Speed Index for June 2019

There were several big movements in the month of June on the Netflix ISP Speed Index, our monthly update on which Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide the best prime time Netflix streaming experience.

Not one but two services saw increases of 1.0 Megabits per second (Mbps) or more -- both in Taiwan. Taiwan’s So-net saw the largest jump, rising 1.1 Mbps to an average of 3.44 Mbps (up from 2.34 Mbps in May). Also on the island, Taiwan Broadband climbed to a 3.76 Mbps average from 2.76 Mbps in May (a 1.0 Mbps uptick). Likely thanks in part to these increases, Taiwan also rose four spots on the country rankings to 26th (up from 30th in May).

In other parts of the world, Altice in the Dominican Republic jumped to a 3.06 Mbps average (compared to 2.59 Mbps in May). Denmark’s Dansk Kabel TV increased to an average speed of 3.91 Mbps (up from 3.62 Mbps in May).

In addition to Taiwan, Ecuador also saw increased speeds on multiple services. Ecuador’s PuntoNet DSL/Wireless/Satellite rose to an average 2.11 Mbps from 1.86 Mbps in May. Ecuador’s Netflife, meanwhile, jumped to a 3.88 Mbps average from 3.65 Mbps in May.

There were also several regions that posted notable declines. Taiwan’s KBro service fell to a 3.09 Mbps average from 3.29 Mbps in May. In South Africa, Cell C dipped to an average of 3.02 Mbps from 3.35 Mbps in May. Hungary’s invitel decreased to an average of 2.90 Mbps (compared to 3.22 Mbps in May).

Turkey saw two services dip in June. Tüksat Kablo suffered the biggest drop, falling 0.66 Mbps to an average of 2.89 Mbps (compared to 3.55 Mbps in May). Turkey’s Turkcell Superonline decreased to a 3.24 Mbps average from 3.45 Mbps in May.

There were also several notable changes in country ranks, as listed below:

  • Saudi Arabia fell five spots to 48th (from 43rd in May).
  • Thailand jumped four spots to 12th (from 16th in May).
  • Indonesia rose four spots to 34th (from 38th in May).

The Netflix ISP Speed Index is a measure of primetime Netflix performance on a particular ISP and not a measure of overall performance for other services/data that may travel across the specific ISP network. Faster Netflix performance generally means better picture quality, quicker start times and fewer interruptions. To test your internet speed, visit on any internet browser or download the FAST Speed Test iOS or Android app.

Kate Stanhope

Kate Stanhope is a member of the Netflix communications team.

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