Keeping the Conversation Going: An Update on 13 Reasons Why

In March, we added additional resources to support our viewers for the upcoming season of 13 Reasons Why. From the beginning we believed this series had the potential to be a powerful agent for change, and we saw a global conversation emerge with the launch of Season 1. The following tools and resources will be available when Season 2 launches on May 18:

  • A 13 Reasons Why Discussion Series is a set of videos starring cast members out of character addressing various topics depicted in the show. The discussion series will be available in the Netflix “Trailers and More” section and on 13ReasonsWhy.Info when the second season launches. The series includes:
    • Talking with Your Teen About 13 Reasons Why
    • Spotting Signs of Depression
    • Understanding Consent
    • Talking to Someone About Alcohol and Drug Abuse
    • The Many Forms of Bullying
    • Taking Signs of Potential Harm Seriously
  • A new Beyond the Reasons after show featuring actors including Dylan Minnette (Clay), Alisha Boe (Jessica), Kate Walsh (Mrs. Baker) and Miles Heizer (Alex) along with experts in fields of suicide prevention, sexual assault and more will play automatically after the last episode of Season 2 (213).
  • An updated downloadable 13 Reasons Why Discussion Guide, available at 13ReasonsWhy.Info, which includes tips for parents and teens on how to start conversations or help those who might be struggling with issues depicted in the series.
  • More resources from expert organizations around the world for many of the issues in the series available at 13ReasonsWhy.Info.

Additionally, a variety of tools and features will continue to be available:

  • The custom intro video featuring the cast out of character talking about resources will play automatically before each season.
  • An enhanced content advisory with more specific information about the show's rating appears each time you begin to watch.
  • For parents who may want to watch the series first and determine if it is right for others on their account to view, a title-level PIN code can be added. More on this feature and how to activate it can be found here.

Brian Wright

Vice President of Original Series

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues, please visit for resources to seek help.

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